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4 Series Light

– Technology makes riding safer –

With the help of bicycles, riders can ride faster and further. The average riding speed of bicycles much faster than that of ordinary bicycles meaning more lighting is required. Suffi- cient lighting allows riders to see more clearly and further making for the reaction time. In order to maintain the safty of riding a bicycle, the headlights play an important role compared to ordinary bicycles.

As a pioneering bicycle component producer, we seek to leverage the most advanced technology to provide safe, pleasant and user-friendly componentry to cyclists.


7-mode beam patterns provide maximum safety

The 4 series light offers daytime running lights, low beam, wide beam and high beam via a 7-mode switch. The range of 4 series light functions offer cyclists flexibility.

Cyclists are able to adjust brightness between low, medium and high at both low beam and wide beam modes based on different riding condition and needs.

Extra wide, extra safe

The 4 series light low beam design value meets German StVZO regulation. The wide beam function provides cyclists with wider light distribution on both the left and right sides, which is almost triple wide view of StVZO standard. Under differing riding conditions, wider illumination can provide increased comfort and safety. We seek to achieve high performance and safety.





Light bracket

Light bracket 1 – on handlebar

4 series light size is small, which can be hidden under ebike control panel.
Option 1 – Change 2 screws with longer length for stem. And screw 2 aluminum small tubes and T shape bracket. Please refer to option 1 photo.
Option 2 – If part of stem can be modify, it can be good. Please refer to the option 2 photo.

Light bracket 2 – on folk

The bracket is screwed on folk.     TOP

Brighter, wider and farther ... better

The 4 series light boasts daytime running lights, low beam, wide beam and high beam in a total of 7 modes. The 4 series light offers safer riding to all E-bike cyclists across the spectrum of riding conditions from day to night.


A new dimension of riding comfort

With its super slim size, the 4 series light can be perfectly installed under the bracket of E-bike control panels. It is very light weight as 120g only. It can also be easily integrated within various E-bike styling motifs.