SP has always been committed to creating the best. Each year, we further expand the frontiers of dynamo technology.

Since creation of the 1st generation QR12 thru-axle 8X-M series hub dynamo, we have never ceased efforts to improve it! The 7 series hub dynamo is the culmination of this intensive two year effort and represents a premium departure from the 8X-M. While offering the same 6V3W output as the 8X, the 7 series manages an amazing weight loss of 60g across comparable specifications. Did we mention the lightest specification is a mere 399g! The 7 series defines an entirely new vision of hub dynamos weaving innovation, style and craft into reality.

Design concept is the driving force behind SP. In bridging concept to reality, the SP team focused on the field of manufacturing technology. It was the spirit of leaving no detail unchecked that enabled the 7 series to shed 60g whilst matching the 6V3W output of the 8X series.

SP respects the 6V3W German standard. All SP dynamo hubs are compatible with standard hub dynamo products including dynamo lamps and converters for USB powered devices. As can be seen from the table, the 8, 8X and 7 series offer similar power output from 0 to 25km/h. Above 25km/h, the 8 series generates slightly higher output than the 8X and 7 series. We proudly present the 7 series.   TOP



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Thru Axle QR12, 6 bolt disc Brake

From ideas to cutting-edge technology!!

SP design team has made lots of efforts in the filed of dynamo challenges. And therefore, great strides have been made in SP dynamo technology. 7 Series is for QR12 thru-axle with very slim size and super light weight which is almost the same as 8 series (QR type). The PD-7 is the lightest weight on the QR12 dynamo hub market at 419g.    TOP

Thru Axle QR12, Centerlock Brake

From imagination to progressive achievement!!

To improve the attractiveness of our hub dynamo to a broader audience, we have developed a QR12 thru-axle centerlock version of SP 7 series. A sophisticated precision instrument matched to a comely visage, the 7 series is hub dynamo updated, redefined and refined. The PL-7 is the lightest weight on the QR12 dynamo hub market at 409g.    TOP

Smart, Slim and Superb

The QR12 thru-axle standard is gaining popularity in the world of road and trekking bikes. Although QR12 thru-axle hubs are mechanically stronger than standard hubs (9mm QR), they also require the use of narrower bearings. This is due to the 12mm diameter hollow axle and 6 bolt disc brake specification which simultaneously constrain both the inner and outer diameter of QR12 hub bearings. It is towards this constraint that SP engineers have devoted considerable time, energy and resources. The product was a “secret” mechanical design strategy to overcome this technical challenge. For the 7 series, this has meant a bearing assembly that is as durable as that of the 8 series.

Combining advanced dynamo design and cutting edge technology, the exterior dimensions, i.e. spoke P.C.D and flange diameter are identical for both 8 and 7 series hubs.

The only difference is the max hub diameter of the 7 series (59mm), which is 1mm larger than that of the 8 series (58mm). Interestingly, the axle is the easiest reference point for distinguishing the 7 from the 8 series hubs. The 7 series defines smart, slim and superb.

The core dynamo of 7 series exemplifies the purity of SP philosophy – Small, but Powerful. Never look back. We look forward to continuing the development of advanced technology. We engineer innovative spirit into all SP products.

To improve the attractiveness of our hub dynamos to a broader audience, we have developed QR12 hubs for 6 bolt disc, center-lock and rim brake specifications. We invite all QR12 enthusiasts to join SP family. Enjoy SP’s passion for excellence in your riding experience.    TOP

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At SP, we seek always to expand the technological boundaries of dynamo technology. The new 7 series hub dynamo is our next generation product for the QR12 thru-axle application and the offspring of the 8X series. It represents a clear improvement over its predecessors incorporating not only cutting edge dynamo technology, but also premium mechanical design.

In creating the 7 series hub, intelligent lightweight construction was tempered throughout with painstaking attention to compact build. The compact form factor optimizes for balance and yet attains an unprecedented weight of only 399g. The 7 series is pioneering industry-leading vision. It is the lightest QR12 thru-axle dynamo hub currently available.







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