The mission is always to make the impossible reality, reliable and accessible. SP’s team of engineers set out two years ago on what was then an arguably impossible mission.

Every minor detail is as perfect as technically possible. Yes, it is PD-8X. We are honored to present you with an excellent hub dynamo…    TOP


8X Series Dynamo Hub

Perfect integration for cutting edge tech and prospective ideas
Original SP evolution philosophy

Break the constrain and create the best

The DNA of the PD-8X is SP’s deep philosophical commitment to unrelenting technological evolution in every aspect of hub dynamo conceptualization, design and production. Its expression can be found in a hub shell created via painstaking CAD simulations to optimize structural rigidity while minimizing material input.

Attention to good design is on display in surface treatments at once technical and yet elegant. At the core of the PD-8X is SP intelligent dynamo engineering, which has resulted in a dynamo mechanism with watch like precision. It is simply the most technically advanced hub dynamo power management solution available anywhere today. A sophisticated precision instrument matched to a comely visage, the PD-8X is hub dynamo updated, redefined and refined.    TOP

Thru Axle QR15, 6 Bolt Disc Brake

From promise to perfect accomplishment!!

Technology should make life simpler. This innovative hub was devised to render a clean and pure silhouette, attain a low weight and yet demanded a sturdy construction. The hub body was engineered based on two hub shells that rely on an intelligent joining construction. This meticulous design enables the hub to withstand the hefty stresses produced by disc brakes, while preserving a simple, clean and pure appearance.
The combination with special shiny and matt appearance treatments creates the gorgeous and fine texture on 8X. This is for personal, stylish and purpose-built bikes.    TOP

Thru Axle QR15, Centerlock Brake

From details to excellent achivement!!

To improve the attractiveness of our hub dynamos to a broader audience, we have developed a centerlock version of our 8X series hub dynamo. The PL-8X is ideal for users of centerlock disc brakes and is produced under official license from Shimano. The heart of the PL-8X is the unique dynamo rated 78% efficiency at 15km/h. Not only powerful … the PL-8X is also parsimonious with your physical exertions. Consonant with our design philosophy, its form is pure, simple and aerodynamic. At 468 grams, it is also the lightest QR15 centerlock dynamo hub available anywhere.    TOP

Enjoy 8X Series

Keep Speeding/ Keep Powering

Riding is simple. Technology makes riding simpler. SP hubs dynamos bring safety, convenience, comfort and the highest performance for riders. SP hub dynamos represent the best combination of technical achievements to meet the fundamental demands of a hub dynamo i.e. light weight, small size and high efficiency. These hubs are premium products designed and engineered for trekking bikes, city bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes, electric bikes and purpose built bikes. SP hub dynamos offer free and clean power for lighting while enhancing both safety and convenience.

Riding is easy and enjoyable. Electronic devices make riding more enjoyable and convenient by offering music and GPS functionality from mobile phones. Add an AC/DC converter to a dynamo and you get free and green power from your hub dynamo to charge your electronic devices. Enjoy technology and have fun doing it.

SP not only seeks to become No. 1 in specifications, but also intends to closely monitor the quality of every single dynamo so as to ensure every dynamo is durable and reliable.
This strong commitment has been demonstrated through testing races. For instance, the Tour Divide, which is one of the most difficult races, begins in Banff, Canada, and finishes in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. It is about 2700 miles and 200,000 vertical feet. The course is a mixture of fire trails, forestry roads and dirt tracks with some parts involving bitumen as well. Under these conditions, more and more great racers at Tour Divide have put SP on their bikes; for example, Mike Hall (No. 1 position in 2013), Jesse Carlsson (No.2 position in 2013) and Jefe Branham (No.1 position in 2014). They are all our heroes and members of the SP family.

It is our belief that actual usage would always reflect achievements in technology. Enjoy SP comfort and ride like a champion!    TOP

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Converter axle for 8X

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ー The acme of perfection!! ー
The PD-8X is the union of a precision 6V3W dynamo with the modern 15mm thru-axle(6 bolt or centerlock) disc specification …and the new acme of dynamo technology for “Xtreme” use. It is perfected integration of “bleeding edge” technology and muscular aesthetics. Yet the ultimate attainment of 8X remains its superior mechanical performance. Not only the most efficient in its class, the 8X is also the lightest in weight. With premium surface treatment and design, the 8X is gorgeous in motion and striking at standstill.

The 8X did not take industry standards at the basis for design. It sought to surpass them to the extent possible in every respect. Not stopping at slipping a 15mm thru-axle into a tested hub dynamo design, the 8X incorporates inter alia increased bearing diameters for added mechanical strength and expanded flange distances for more resilient wheel builds. It is our pleasure to present the 8X to you.














































The acme of perfection






Xtreme Dynamo Hub































































Boost Bike, QR15, 6 Bolt Disc Brake

From enthusiasm to perfect success!!

Boost was inspired at current market, which offers better riding efficiency and bike handling precision. We also have developed a QR15 thru–axle boost version of SP 8X series. PD–8X–110 is a brand new hub body with perfect symmetrical design. Ideal for boost 110 riding.    TOP


Snow Bike, QR15, 6 Bolt Disc Brake

From imagination to fantastic implement!!

Snow bike was inspired at current market, which offers unique riding experience and bike handling precision. We also have developed a QR15 thru–axle version of SP 8X series. PD–8X–150 is a brand new hub body with perfect symmetrical design. Ideal for snow bike riding.    TOP


New 8X Is Released In 2017

Our QR12 and QR15 thru axle hubs are required to employ narrower bearings than standard hubs (9mm QR). This is due to the 15mm diameter hollow axle and 6 bolt disc brake specification which simultaneously constrain both the inner and outer diameters of the hub’s bearings.

In theory, 15mm suspension folks with QR15 thru-axle hubs should be stronger than standard. In practice, mechanical design limitations have reduced bearing size and thus durability.

SP engineers have devoted considerable time and resources to creating a mechanical design strategy for overcoming this technical challenge. These efforts have culminated in an innovative mechanical design relying on superior quality bearings and precision assembly processes. Our computer aided modeling simulations indicate that we have perfected the interplay between bearing and limited internal space, making the new 8X bearing assembly as durable as the time tested – and proven – 8 Series hubs. Formally released in 2017, we stand behind the newest version of our 8X dynamo hubs.    TOP



Only add a converter axle, you can put 8X dynamo on both QR15 and 9mm QR folk. The 8X is ideal for QR15. For extra value, we provide a converter axle that adapts it from QR15 to standard 9mm QR fork.    TOP