SP is an innovative company devoted to creating and producing new and cutting edge products for the enthusiast bicycle market. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced engineers from the optical and electronics industries. Avid cyclists in our personal lives, we seek to leverage our collective professional talents and experience towards advancing the sport. The goal of the SP team is to create cutting edge products to improve and broaden the cycling experience. We are fanatical about detail and uncompromising in our approach of optimizing all aspects of our products for incomparable performance. Ride with SP and feel our passion.



SP was founded in 2007 and is based in Taichung, Taiwan.
In 2007, SP began mass production of electronic shutters for digital cameras.
In 2007, requests from customers for customized optical tilt inspection equipment, led to our development of user friendly, precision and highly efficient inspection equipment that we now supply to the top 10 electronics firms in Taiwan.By the end of 2007, we successfully developed mini shutters for mobile phones based on advanced micro electronic technology.



In 2008, abnormal weather conditions widely linked to global warming and resource depletion caused serious human and environmental disasters all around the world. These events entered our internal corporate brain storming sessions in the form of a question: “How could we contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions?” Ensuing internal discussions led almost naturally to our entry into the bicycle industry. Having core technological competence in electronic mini motor technologies, an instinctive avenue for our efforts was towards the development of new, more advanced and efficient hub dynamos for bicycles.

Although product development in this new field turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, the SP design team remained persistent in its commitment to perfection throughout the exercise. These efforts were eventually rewarded with the invention of a new configuration for dynamos technically known as a ”polar series alignment dynamo”. This invention has since been awarded numerous patents internationally.

In October 2008, cooperation with Formula Engineering Inc resulted in the successful development of SP’s first generation hub dynamo. SP sought out Formula Engineering Inc as a partner for the development of its hub bodies due to its strong reputation as a well-established producer with a track record of supplying hubs to many of the top brands in the bicycle industry.



In March 2009, our first generation hub dynamo, characterized by an avant-grade styling and low weight, received an award at the 2009 Taipei bike show as one of the year’s most innovative products.

In July 2009, we launched the mass production of hub dynamos.

In December 2009, we successfully developed a smart switching mechanism for hub dynamos. The SP switchable hub dynamo incorporates a switching mechanism that functions to physically disengage the magnets within the dynamo to remove drag when the dynamo is switched off.



In March 2010, the world’s first switchable dynamo hub received and annual innovative products award at the 2010 Taipei bike show. This invention has since received numerous patents. 

In June 2010, SP introduced the world’s first “fish-eye” dynamo headlight with optics based on an aspheric lens that minimizes losses of light from the LED, thus significantly enhancing efficiency.       
In July 2010, we joined Taiwan bicycle optical and electronic union as a member to support and cooperate with partners in the development of technologically advanced products. 

In December 2010, SP successfully developed the first prototype of the 8 series hub dynamo. Today, the SP 8 series is the smallest, lightest and most efficient dynamo hub available worldwide.

In December 2010, SP extended the range of colors in which the fish-eye dynamo light is available to 7 different thus enabling a high level of personalization to reflect the diversity of the global cycling community.

SP evolution


In Jan 2011, the switchable hub dynamo hub received approval under the strict German StVZO regulations.

In March 2011, SP introduced the 8 series hub dynamo at 2011 Taipei bike show. The PV-8 version of the 8 series hub dynamos is incredibly light at only 390g and highly efficient at 72% recorded at 15km/hr.

In May 2011, SP initiated a partnership with KT Taiwan to produce the hub bodies for its dynamos. A strong hub producer with more than 60-years of experience and well reputation in bicycle industry, KT Taiwan is also an authorized global distributor for SP dynamo systems.

In July 2011, SP fish-eye headlight received approval under the German StVZO regulations (approval No K833).

In July 2011, mass production of the SP 8 series dynamo hub was launched.

In Sep 2011, the SP 8 series hub dynamo received approval under the German StVZO regulations (approval No K845).


By January 2012, SP had joined with partners worldwide to establish supply chains for increasing the accessibility of our products to customers at the retail level internationally. Our partners are diverse and cover countries including: the US, Germany, UK, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan.

We are not about revolution. Rather, we believe in incremental - but firm - steps in a positive direction. The avenue we have chosen towards this ideal is via developing and producing useful, green, user friendly and technically advanced products for likeminded consumers. We pursue this ideal though persistent commitment to perfection in bicycle world. Think dynamos! Think SP!

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