SP found in 2007, based in Taichung, Taiwan.
In 2007, mass production for digital camera shutter has been launched.
In 2007, owing to requests from customers for customized optical tilt inspection equipments, we successfully developed user friendly, highly precise and efficient inspection equipments and sold to some of Taiwan top 10 electronic companies. With advanced micro electronic technology, we successfully developed mini shutter for mobile phone application in end of 2007.

In 2008, abnormal weather caused serious disasters all over the world, which can be caused by global warming and global resource abusing. With brain storming for solution to carbon reduction, we planed to join bicycle industry in 2008. Considering our leading electronic mini motor technologies, we started to develop a new, efficient and advanced dynamo for hub application.

During the tough developing period, SP design team consistently persisted in its perfection commitment, and successfully created a brand new dynamo invention. This is called polar series alignment dynamo. And of course, we have awarded numerous dynamo patents.

In Oct 2008, we cooperated with Formula engineering Inc and announced the first generation dynamo hub. Formula engineering Inc has great reputation and supply hubs to many well known brand customers.

In March 2009, the first generation dynamo hub with avant-grade shape and light weight was awarded as annual innovative products in 2009 Taipei bike show.

In July 2009, we launched dynamo hub mass production.

In Dec 2009, we successfully developed a smart switch mechanism on dynamo hub. By switch function, SP switchable dynamo hub can be rotated as free as normal hub when switching to power off mode.

In March 2010, the world’s first switchable dynamo hub was awarded as annual innovative products in 2010 Taipei bike show. This invention has awarded numerous patents now. 

In June 2010, SP announced the world’s first fish-eyes dynamo headlight by applying plastic aspheric optical lens, which can minimize lighting energy loss and enhance led lighting efficiency.                                                                                                                                  
In July 2010, we joined Taiwan bicycle optical and electronic union as a member to support and cooperate with other partners in advanced product developments. 

In Dec 2010, SP has successfully developed the first 8 series proto type sample. SP 8 series was the lightest, smallest and most efficient dynamo hub at market.

In Dec 2010, SP has extended LS003/optical fish eye light to 7 different colors to be more personalized for riders.

In Jan 2011, switchable dynamo hub has approved by Germany StVZO.

In March 2011, SP has announced 8 series dynamo hub at 2011 Taipei bike show. PV-8 is incredibly only 390g with 72% efficiency at 15km/hr.

In May 2011, SP has cooperated with KT Taiwan. KT Taiwan is a great hub maker with more than 60-year experience in bicycle industry. KT Taiwan is authorized distributor for SP dynamo system.

In July 2011, SP LS003 has approved by Germany StVZO and approval No is K833.

In July 2011, SP 8 series dynamo hub has launched mass production.

In Sep 2011, SP 8 series has approved by Germany StVZO and approval No is K845.

In Jan 2012, SP has cooperated worldwide partners to set up retail chains to serve more consumers in many countries such as US, Germany, UK, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan.

In Sep 2012, SP PL-8 dynamo hub has launched mass production.

In Oct 2012, Successfully implementation of semi-automatic assembly equipment for dynamos in mass production.

In April 2013, the German KBA officially approves (K961) SV-8, SD-8, SV-8-FB, SD-8-BQR under German StVZO 6V3W for 20” wheel regulation.

In Aug 2013, Shimano officially licenses Centerlock disc brake patent to SP.

In Aug 2013, announcement of the PD-8X, for QR15mm, 6 bolt disc brakes. PD-8X is the most efficient dynamo with 78% efficiency at 15km/h.

In Jan 2014, announcement of the PL-8X, for QR15mm, centerlock disc brakes.

In April 2014, SP moves to a new factory 10 minutes away from old factory. Also located in Taichung. Finally have our own factory.

In Aug 2014, announcement of SP 9 series which is the new lightest and smallest dynamo hub group on the current market. The SV-9-F, for example, weights only 299g and max hub diameter is only 50mm.

In Aug 2015, to improve the attractiveness of our hub dynamos to a broader audience, we have developed a centerlock version of our 9 series hub dynamo i.e. SL–9 (weight 323g).

In Oct 1st 2015, SP stopped the cooperation relationship (global distributor) with KT. And SP started to sell dynamo hubs to all global partners directly.

In March 2016, we announced QR12 thru-axle hub i.e. PD–8X–M (428g, for disc brake) and PL–8X–M (423g, for centerlock).




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SP is an innovative and creative company, enthusing in the bicycle world and devoting efforts to developing excellent devises for riders. All of us are from optical and electronic industry. We like riding and therefore, we moved our interests to work and joined bicycle family. Our goal is to use our electronic experience and technology to create and fulfill advanced bicycle products. We look everything in details and concern overall aspects to optimize the product performance. Ride with SP and feel our passion.