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If you enjoy cycling and are looking for something better, SP products can be a great addition to your riding experience. We welcome new members to the SP family and to enjoy the world's top hub dynamo with us.

Thanks for your interest in our products. We strongly recommend contacting your local distributors to enjoy convenient, friendly and excellent service.
If you cannot find an SP authorized agent in your country, you can buy SP products from the SP online store.

Please feel free to contact us.
Shutter Precision Co., Ltd
Opening hours: 9AM to 6PM, Mon to Fri.
Address: No66, Side N. Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City 413, Taiwan
Email: shutter.company@msa.hinet.net
Tel: +886-4-2332-8566

Expressions of interest from new agents welcomed. We are also looking for agents worldwide to become our partners. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in representing SP products.

If you are having difficulty finding a particular specification via your local sellers, please contact us. We have limited quantities of certain specifications and may be able to supply directly. For specifications unavailable in our current stock, a minimum order quantity of 25pcs is required. We will arrange such orders through your local sellers. If SP does not have a local seller in your region, SP may complete orders directly with customers.

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Wellcome to SP Online Store !!!

To enjoy SP excellent products conveniently, we offer online shopping service to you. You can order online directly and pay via Paypal or credit cards.

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