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SP does not license our dynamo technology to other brands. SP only produces and sells dynamo hubs under the SP brand. SP provides warranty service only for SP products and not for other brands. When you choose, please be certain that it is an SP product. It goes without saying that our warranty applies only to genuine SP products. Choose the best, choose SP and enjoy the best.
During the warranty period, SP will provide warranty service free of charge. SP products that fail under normal use and conditions will be repaired or replaced at SP’s discretion.
2-year warranty: SP products are covered under warranty for 2-years from the date of purchase.
SP will provide repair and/or replacement services for SP products that fail under normal use and conditions. The warranty does not apply to SP products that fail due to accident, abuse, mishandling, improper usage (including use contrary to the product description or instructions, beyond the extent of the product’s intended use, or for tooling or testing purposes), alteration, abnormal mechanical or environmental condition, acts of nature or improper installation.
The warranty does not cover damages in the following cases.
~Mis-installation: The warranty will not cover damage caused by mis-installation. Before using SP dynamo hubs, please ensure proper installation as mis-installation can result in damage to hubs. Please make sure that the hub is properly installed to your fork. If the quick release (QR) is not properly adjusted and securely fastened, the hub may be damaged. When installing an SP dynamo hub, the wiring plug must be securely fastened to the plastic base connector on the hub in a manner that the connector assembly and wiring are not under stress. Should the hub axle rotate and stress the connector (often due to insufficient tension in the adjustment of the QR), it is important to realign the wiring harness by loosening the QR and adjusting the wiring so it is not under stress - and increasing the tension adjustment of the QR so it does not rotate under use.
~Accident: Instances where the hub is struck by foreign objects in an accident are not considered normal use circumstances and are not covered under the SP warranty. For example, the plastic connector base may be damaged when struck by a stone in a crash…
~Improper maintenance: SP hubs are explicitly not user serviceable. Please do not attempt to service the hub. Unauthorized repair or modification will void this warranty. This includes any form of disassembly of the hub or its parts. SP hubs are not designed to withstand pressure washing - which can be detrimental to the hub bearings.
~Abnormal use circumstances: The hub should not be used for abnormal riding. For example, bearings are not 100% waterproof. SP hubs are not suitable for crossing rivers where the waterline rises above the hub.
If defect occurs outside the warranty period or does not meet warranty conditions, we offer out-of-warranty service. This standard maintenance service can be ordered at the SP online store. During the warranty period, SP will service under warranty bearings that are not defective but have simply worn out due to extensive use. This standard maintenance service can be ordered at the SP online store.
Before initiating a claim, please inspect the hub for possible fixes that might obviate the need to send the hub back to SP for service. Below are several troubleshooting procedures that may be useful to consider.
No output due to damaged wiring inside the hub
Please use multi-meter to check electronic resistance from 2 connector plates on the hub. If the meter shows “nothing”, then there is a problem. Please initiate your claim. Please see the video 1 for an example.

Some output, but wiring inside the hub is damaged
Please use a multi-meter to check the electronic resistance from 1 connector plate and the axle. If the meter shows some movement but not “nothing”, then there is a problem. You will also notice extra resistance from the hub when rotated under this condition. Please initiate your claim. Please see the video 2 for an example.

No output because of magnet issue
You may note some results under a multi-meter inspection, but nevertheless receive no output from the dynamo hub. This condition may result from play in the magnet assembly. When you rotate your wheel, it rotates smoothly like a regular hub, but you receive no output. Please initiate your claim.
Discontinuous output due to play in the magnet assembly
You may observe a normal result when conducting a multi-meter inspection. But output from the dynamo hub is discontinuous or fluctuates. When you ride with the lamp on, light output varies between bright and twinkling. You may also notice abnormal noise from the dynamo hub. Please initiate your claim.
Play in the hub can be visually seen
Hold the opposing hub axles in one hand and agitate the hub body or flange with your other hand. Push and pull the hub body toward and way from both ends of the axle. If you notice play or movement, then please initiate your claim.
If your hub fails during the 2-year warranty period, please follow the processes below.
Step 1:
Press link “Start claim”. Fill in your information and order “Deposit TWD 1000” Please complete your information on claim form. Once you complete the form you will be able to order “Deposit TWD 1000” (roughly USD 30) from Paypal. Once you complete the deposit for TWD 1000, you have completed the step 1.
Deposit TWD1000:
Once we have received your hub we will inspect it and determine if it is covered under warranty. If we determine that your hub is covered under warranty, we will refund the TWD 1000 and then proceed to repair or replace the hub and ship it back to you at our cost. However, if we find that the defect is not covered under warranty, we will retain the TWD 1000 deposit and request an additional TWD 1000 for a standard hub service. The combined TWD 2000 for the standard hub service includes the cost of shipping the repaired hub or a replacement back to you.
Step 2:
Please pack your hub for shipping in a parcel with a combined length + width + height of no more than 40cm. Within 2 working days after we receive your claim, we will upload an invoice and DHL shipping files to the claim status webpage. Please visit “check your claim progress” and enter your first name and email to receive the files. Please print out 3 copies of the invoice and sign your name on each. Please also print out 1 copy of the DHL shipping form.
Step 3:
DHL pick up: A DHL service center near you will contact you to arrange a pick up. Please prepare the parcel containing your hub, 3 copies of the invoice and one copy of your DHL shipping form. Once DHL has picked up your hub you will receive a DHL tracking number that will allow you to track its progress on the DHL website. Note: DHL can arrange to pick up your hub during working hours in the morning or afternoon but does not provide service on weekends.
Step 4:
Check your hub status on the SP claim progress webpage Press link “check your claim progress”. Once we receive your hub, we will update its status on the SP claim progress webpage. SP’s inspection and repair process normally takes less than 7 days. Once your repaired or replacement hub is on its way back to you via DHL, we will update its status on the SP claim progress webpage. DHL will also send a tracking number to your email address which will enable you to track the progress of your hub on the DHL website.


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