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12-year innovation in technology & craft

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SP found in Taichung, Taiwan

Mass production for digital camera shutter has been launched. With advanced micro electronic technology, we successfully developed mini shutter for mobile phone application. We also developed user friendly, highly precise and efficient optical inspection equipment.

Invention – Polar series alignment dynamo


Considering our leading electronic mini motor technologies, we started to develop a new, efficient and advanced dynamo for hub application. During the tough developing period, SP design team consistently persisted in its perfection commitment, and successfully created a brand new dynamo invention. This is called polar series alignment dynamo. It is a totally brand new invention at dynamo field.

SP 1st generation dynamo hub

history HB001

SP announced its first generation for 2 hub applications i.e. rim brake and 6 bolt disc brake. HB001, the 1st generation dynamo hub with intelligent dynamo core inside was announced. HB001 was awarded as annual innovative products in 2009 Taipei bike show.

history HB006

Dynamo hub for 6 bolt disc brake version with smooth and stylish construction shape was announced.

Invention 1 – Aspheric free – form optic tech Invention 2 – Switch tech to take off dynamo drag

history LS003

The world’s first fish-eyes dynamo headlight by applying plastic aspheric free-form optical lens was announced, which can minimize lighting energy loss and enhance led lighting efficiency.

history HB007

The world’s first switchable dynamo hub. By switch function, SP HB007 can be rotated as free as normal hub when switching to power off mode. HB007 was awarded as annual innovative products in 2010 Taipei bike show.

Switchable Dynamo Hub The world’s lightest dynamo

history HB010

Switchable dynamo hub with smart switchable mechanism, started mass production.

history PV-8

6V3W for 26”/700C, for rim brake, weight 390g, was announced at 2011 Taipei bike show. The premium  polar series alignment dynamo tech was upgraded to next level.

The world’s lightest dynamo hub for disc brake

history PD-8

6V3W for 26”/700C, for 6 bolt disc brake, weight 410g, was announced. The premium polar series alignment dynamo is inside as its core technology.

history PL-8

6V3W for 26”/700C, for centerlock disc brake, weight 400g, was announced. SP have signed centerlock license agreement with Shimano.

Xtreme QR15 thru-axle hub

history PD-8X

OLD100, for 6 bolt disc brake, weight 465g, was announced. It is prefect integration for cutting edge tech and prospective ideas.

history PL-8X

OLD100, for centerlock disc brake, weight 468g, was announced. It is the new acme of dynamo technology for “Xtreme” use.

Exclusive for Riese & Müller Birdy fans Invention – Golf size dynamo tech

history SD-8-B

SD-8-B was customized for Birdy as Birdy’s distinct disc brake is at reverse side. To match its unique folk, all hub dimensions are customized and carefully crafted with sublime weight only 375g.

history SV-9-FB

OLD74mm, weight 299g is the world’s 1st dynamo hub under weight 300g. Innovation is all about making self-breakthrough. The ultraslim dynamo is similar to a golf size and presents future technology.

Ultraslim dynamo hub

history SV-9

OLD100mm, for rim brake, weight 309g was announced. It has demonstrated an enormous improvement from the preceding series. It is extremely light with an outstanding performance.

history SL-9

OLD100mm, weight 323g is the lightest centerlock dynamo hub at current market.

In Oct 1st, SP stopped the cooperation relationship (global distributor) with KT. And SP started to sell dynamo hubs to all global partners directly. We no longer produce OEM dynamo hubs for rebranding by other marks and no longer license our technology to other brands.

QR12 thru-axle hub

history PD-8X-M

OLD100, for 6 bolt disc brake was announced. It is a great combination from ideas to cutting-edge technology.

history PL-8X-M,OLD100

For centerlock disc brake was announced. A sophisticated precision instrument matched to a comely visage, the 8X is hub dynamo updated, redefined and refined.

Hub for Boost bike
Hub for Snow bike

history PD-8X-110

OLD110, for 6 bolt disc brake was announced. It is a brand new hub body with perfect symmetrical design. Ideal for boost 110 riding.

history PD-8X-150

OLD150, for 6 bolt disc brake was announced. It offers unique riding experience and bike handling precision. Ideal for snow bike riding.

Redefining QR12 industry-leading vision

history PD-7

OLD100, for QR12 thru-axle, for 6 bolt disc brake, weight 419g, was announced. It represents a clear improvement over its predecessors incorporating not only cutting edge dynamo technology, but also premium mechanical design. Its size and weight is almost the same as 8 series.

history PL-7

OLD100, for QR12 thru-axle, for centerlock disc brake, weight 409g, was announced. The 7 series is pioneering industry-leading vision.

Aspheric Free-form optic + High beam tech


For Ebike with 12V input, was announced which offers daytime running lights, low beam, wide beam and high beam functions for riders. Super slim and bright. The brightness is up to 2230 lm.


For power bank battery with 12V input was announced. It is a perfect achievement of premium aspheric free-form optic technology. SP brings vehicle technology to you.

New Generation Dynamo Light


DS-4 is an ideal dynamo light. It is an intelligent craft of free form optic tech, which offers brilliant illuminance with clear cut-off line pattern. With attentions to every detail, its performance is even more appreciated.

Innovation Award


SP not only seeks to become the best in specifications, but also intends to closely monitor the quality of every single device so as to ensure every SP device is durable and reliable.

From design to manufacture, we look everything in details and concern overall aspects to optimize the product performance. From aesthetics to construction, we seek to fulfill the perfect integration achievement. All SP are gorgeous in motion and striking at standstill. Yes, SP philosophy is all about technology, quality and performance. Technology makes riding simpler. SP design origin is always based on safety, convenience and comfort for riding. Yes, all our motivations are all related to rider needs and desires.


SP is an innovative and creative team, enthusing in the bicycle world and devoting efforts to developing excellent devises for riders. Painstaking innovation has made an optimal hub dynamo reality. The hub intelligent light weight design was tempered throughout with thorough attention to structural performance. The smooth oval shape of the hub was optimized for balance.We look everything in details and concern overall aspects to optimize the product performance.


We always focus on “Small, but Powerful”.

As a pioneering bicycle component producer, we bring the advanced vehicle technology – Free Form Optic Tech to SP lighting device to achieve “Small, but Powerful” concept in reality.

The intelligent optics makes the Illumination performance brilliant and gorgeous. The premium craft is fulfilled into the design elements with unique and smooth multi-angle shape. From constructure to aesthetics, we seek to fulfill the perfect integration achievement.

SP lighting devices realize a completely new concept of optical systems and achieve extremely slim in size and powerful in performance.